Curtis Lewis, Ph. D.

Dr. Lewis is an accomplished school leader and urban educator.  In 2015, he had a vision to galvanize his educational accomplishments, years of experience, and network of educators.  These three “legs of the stool” have been used to marshal in a new organization with the primary goal to recruit, retain, and develop black male educators. As a result of the need and skill gap, The Network: Black Male Educators Alliance of Michigan was established.  Its overarching goal is to dismantle the institutional impediments to diversity within the educational profession, thereby improving the educational experiences of urban youth.

Dr. Lewis earned his Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and Doctoral degree in Education Policy and Curriculum Teaching – all from Michigan State University. He credits his educational experience at MSU for developing and cultivating a strong foundation in teacher development and math curriculum and instruction.  

Dr. Lewis taught for several years as a 5th grade teacher, middle school math teacher, and an alternative education teacher at the secondary level for the Lansing Public School District. While in graduate school, he taught a myriad of courses at Michigan State University, coordinated an intervention program for first time youth offenders, and was director of a mentoring program for young males of color. Additionally, he has  served as a visiting instructor at the University of Michigan and as a Student Services Specialist with the Lansing School District. Dr. Lewis has presented his research findings in urban education at a host of conferences, most notably the American Education Research Association (AERA) and Piaget Society Conference.

After years of teaching, Dr. Lewis set his sights on impacting education at the administrative and collegiate levels. He was the founding principal of Henry Ford Academy: Elementary School and the turnaround principal for Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies – a premier college prep art and design middle/high school in the heart of Detroit. Prior to his leadership at the Henry Ford Academies, he was Manager of Teacher Leadership Development for Teach for America for which he received the Core Value Team award for his unwavering commitment to effectively developing young educators. In 2013, Dr. Lewis was recognized in the Michigan Chronicle 40 Under 40 cohort of rising young leaders in Metro Detroit.

Dr. Lewis is nationally known and recognized for his dedication to building culturally relevant learning communities for students of color. He was selected to the third cohort of the nationally recognized America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers and Principals. He actively participated – as a facilitator – in Ford’s Men of Courage event in Baltimore; a national program committed to changing the narrative for African American males. His published works include a chapter in “Mentoring African American Males: A Research Design Comparison Perspective” (2014). In 2015 he met with former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and senior U.S. Department of Education officials for two days of learning and advising at the White House. This was part of the Principals at ED effort. In May 2017, he was a full scholarship recipient to learn in partnership with other superintendents, principals, and district innovative leaders in the Leading Educator Program at the Arizona State University GSV Summit.

Dr. Lewis is currently the Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Culture for Detroit 90/90’s 10 school network, which includes the Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies K12 District, the University Preparatory Academy K12 District and the University Preparatory Science and Math K12 District. As Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Detroit 90/90, Dr. Lewis established a culturally responsive direction to foster a change in student outcomes. He provides high expectations with high support for school leadership throughout the Detroit 90/90 Network. Dr. Lewis has also collaborated with a cadre of Michigan school administrators, college professors, business leaders and school organizers. The goal of these collaborations is to adopt research-based best practices that foster deeper learning and restorative practice culture models in school environments. His passion and commitment to dismantling anti-intellectualism in public education is paralleled by his innate desire to transform the landscape of learning institutions in America.

Curtis Lewis, Ph. D.

Curtis Lewis, Ph. D.

Chairman of the Board