Black Male Educators Alliance of Michigan (BMEA) is a collective of stakeholders within the education industry who believe that strong Black male educators are essential to transforming our education system. 

Join BMEA for, “Where Do We Go From Here? Reimagining the Classroom”, featuring Dr. Christopher Emdin. This event is FREE, virtual and open to EVERYONE!

Register to be a part of this workshop and learn tangible strategies on how to reimagine the classroom for learners and educators. Come and gain techniques on honoring student voice & agency in your classroom through a culturally responsive lens.

If you have never heard Dr. Emdin speak, you are in for a life-changing presentation that will have a profound impact on your pedagogy moving forward. We look forward to seeing you there!

The BMEA Podcast:
Lifting Our Voices

Welcome back to the BMEA PODCAST – Lifting Our Voices! We are proud to kick off season 2 of the Podcast!

In this premier episode, hosts, Jerry, Chris, Mike, and Dr. Lewis are joined by school principal Clare McKenna of University Prep Art & Design Middle School located in Detroit, MI. Together, the group engages in a conversation on the impact that the pandemic has on education and what will forever change as a result